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Best Music Player For Android : 5+ Free Audio Players For Android in 2022

Best Music Player For Your Android Smartphone

For Android users, the stock option has always been the Google play music. Want to play a quick song or a whole playlist, Google play music would help you out. But there in lies the catch. Google play music is not the best music player for android. It isn’t as expensive as required and is bogged down by many limitations, having very less features. So today, we are going to share a list of the best audio player apps for android, great alternative to Google Play Music. These amazing free music players will Deliver more features, equalizer controls, HD sound quality and much more.

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1. Musicolet

musicolet audio player

If you need an simple, easy to use music player with convenient to access tabs for albums, playlists, and artists, Musicolet is your best choice. its simplicity makes it the best music player for android. It has traditional features, which include lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets, playlist and much more. Users say that they recommend this app in terms of its functionality which brings an amazing music experience.


  • Ad-free
  • Lightweight
  • Less resource consumption
  • Allows you to control the app using the buttons on your earphone
  • Supports multiple playing queues
  • User friendly GUI

2. Phonograph Audio Player

phonograph techreview

If you are the type to root for apps with great visuals, Phonograph will be very much to your taste. it is another great music player app for android, comes with a great user interface that changes to match the color of the content on the screen. You can also select a theme of your choice you like from its theme engine and customize the music player.


  • Material Design
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Customizability
  • Tag Editor
  • Integration

3. Pulsar Music Player


Pulsar is another one of the best audio player for android, preferred music player app for users who like lightweight apps (and who does not like having extra space in your memory). Despite being free and lightweight this app also offers quite a lot, from customization to ease of use because it is ad-free. This app is simple but you can choose from the different colors to personalize its interface.


  • Ad-Free
  • Great user friendly User Interface
  • Gapless Playback
  • Equalizer
  • Playspeed Adjustment
  • Music Visualizer
  • Chromecast Support
  • Google Voice Assistant Support

4. Pi Music Player For Android

Pi Audio Player techreview

Pi is not only beautiful; it also comes with lots of features, making it best music player app for android. Upon installing, you will have the option to choose a theme. Although you can change this later on if you want. Its interface is pretty simple but it offers as many features as the other 3rd party Android music players app.

You can play music from your library using different ways of sorting. If you want to play per artist or for a playlist. You can also create a folder of all your favorite singles and much more.


  • YouTube Music Video Support
  • Ringtone Cutter
  • Powersaver Mode
  • 5-Band Equalizer 
  • Pi Power Share

5. Rocket Player

Google play music alternative

A simple yet effective audio player out there in the app store, Rocket Music Player has seen enormous amounts of download over the past years. The app has fine-tuned itself from its starting days and comes with a smoother functioning set these days.

The app has an expansive feature list that offers several presets, 5-band equalizer, multiple themes, Playlists, Chromecast support, sleep timer and more. You can further add podcasts and listen to the same via this great app.


  • Equalizer
  • Themes Support
  • Tag Editor
  • Sleep Timer 
  • Android Auto Support
  • Scrobbling Support
  • Chromecast Support

6. GoneMad Player

Gonemad audio player , Google play music alternative

Not many know of GoneMAD Music Player, but that doesn’t take away the greatness of it. The app has a sleek and simple interference that offers quite a beautiful experience while using.

It comes with a whole lot of features like equalizer presets, auto pitch correction, audio balance, and more. The app supports all kinds of audio formats and also offer sleep-timer, lyrics support, Crossfade and more.


  • Replay Gain 
  • Crossfade Support
  • Smart Playlist
  • DSP Limiter to Prevent Distortion
  • Multi Window on Supported Device
  • Cuesheet support

7. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle player google play music alternative

A popular one to boast of, Shuttle Music Player offers a great option over the stock Google Play Music. It comes with simple interference that offers customizable options.
It has offerings like gapless playback, sleep timer, embedded lyrics and much more alongside 6-band equalizer. The app further supports Chromecast and tag editing options.


  • Modern Material Design
  • Gapless Playback
  • 6-Band Equalizer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Open Source

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