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How To Create Wireless Hotspot in Ubuntu Linux 2022

How To create Wireless Hotspot on Any Linux Distro (Mint, Ubuntu , Kali Linux etc)

Wireless Hotspot is basically a Virtual Router which lets you share your connected wireless connection through your Linux PC or Laptop. it can also act as a repeater/booster. I would like to take you through a method from which you can easily create WiFi Hotspot or can turn any Linux based PC into a virtual router. Step by step method explained in below instructions.

Step 1:

First step is to open a terminal.

Step 2 :

Write “sudo su” command in your terminal without quotes and press Enter. 

Step 3:

install these packages: sudo apt install util-linux bash procps hostapd iproute2 iw haveged net-tools dnsmasq iptables 
(Just Copy paste this command and press Enter)

Step 4:

Type all below command one by one in terminal and press enter, this will download create_ap package which will help you to create Wireless Hotspot.

git clone
cd create_ap
sudo make install

Final Step For Wireless Hotspot:

Enter this command in terminal and press enter.

sudo create_ap wlan0 wlan0 DarkCoder 12345678

(in this command Wlan0 is interface from whom you wants to share internet connection)(To know your interface use “ifconfig” command)
(DarkCoder is Hotspot name)
(12345678 is Password of that Wifi Hotspot)

That’s All.

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