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6 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2022

Free data Recovery Software

Many free data recovery software exist that can help you to recover accidentally deleted files. These data recovery programs can help you recover, or “undelete” files on your computer.

Files you have deleted are often still present on your hard drive (or USB drive, SD card, media card, etc.) and can be recovered using free or paid data recovery software.

We have compiled a list of top 6 best free data recovery programs.

1. Data Rescue 5 

This recovery application provides stiff competition to its contemporaries, securing its position in the top 6  data recovery programs. Simplicity is one of the strengths of Data Rescue 5 for Windows. The interface is clean, simple and easy to work with. it performs data recovery for just about any file types across all Windows versions, on all kinds of internal and external storage devices. Its free version allows you to recover up to 500MB of data.


  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Facilitates the creation of a byte-by-byte copy of the disk at the initial stage of a mechanical failure.
  • Provides an alert to users about any specific event(s) that could potentially lead to an unsuccessful recovery of files.

data recovery software

2. PhotoRec Data Recovery Software

PhotoRec is another one of the best data recovery programs to look out for. It has powerful file recovery capabilities spread across a wide range of platforms. Whether it’s a digital camera, SD card or a conventional hard disk, PhotoRec has you covered.


  • Supports almost all kinds of file formats in pictures, photos, documents, and videos.
  • Works exceptionally well for recovering lost data from SD Card and hard disks.
  • “Unformat” function, which allows you to add custom formats of your choice.
  • Works on almost all major Windows versions.

photorec data recovery software

3. Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

The recovery program comes from CleverFiles, which is one of the market veterans known the world over for their technical prowess. The free version can be used to recover up to 500 MB of data.
All your deleted documents, photos, videos and much more can be quickly and easily recovered using this software. The application works seamlessly (across all popular Windows platforms) salvaging lost and damage files on external and internal storage devices that run on FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, FAT16, EXT4, or just any file system you can think of.


  • Recovery Vault provides an additional layer for your Recycle Bin, maintaining a backup reference for the files that have been deleted by a user.
  • Guaranteed Recovery since it maintains a copy of every single file that has been moved to a selected folder such as the Recycle Bin.
  • Enables creation of files in the ISO or IMG formats enabling users to search for data in a clone; nullifying any risk to the original source.

DiskDrill Software

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4. TestDisk

This revolutionary software used to be the standard for data recovery programs with its level of functionality and powerful yet simple recovery features. It was originally designed as an program that recovers lost or deleted partitions and fixes disk or partition that were not booting. This made it arguably the best hard drive data recovery software in the market at a point. One of the downsides is the fact that it’s a command line tool, which makes it unsuitable for users who are used to GUI (Graphical User Interface).


  • Facilitates rebuilding of the bootsector.
  • Recovery or fixing partition tables that have been deleted by some virus or a user, allowing for recovery of files from exFAT, NTFS, ext2, and FAT file systems.
  • Works on all major Windows versions.
  • Supports recovery of all popular file versions in video, picture and document.

TEstDisk Data Recover software

5. Recuva Data Recovery Software

Currently one of the top free popular data recovery programs, Recuva just installs into your PC and gets things done quicker, it’s easier to use, and does everything it says it would.


  • Advance deep scan mode.
  • Can be used to recover files from extensively damaged files and newly formatted files.
  • Free flowing, simple and easy to use interface.
  • Secure overwrite feature that employs military standard techniques.
  • Preview feature to view discovered files for recovery.

Recuva Techreview

6. EaseUs Data Recovery Software

Easeus data recovery program is another great program to recover your deleted files, photos or videos.  This software can easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your PC, laptop, or any removable devices.


  • Quickly recover data from unexpected lost caused by accidentally deletion or affected by malware attack. 
  • Allows users to find data again from corrupted hard drive or USB drive.
  • Even if your whole partition is missing or cannot be recognized by system, your data is still recoverable.
  • Regain access, If your hard disk or partition suddenly becomes RAW and you cannot get to the stored data.
  • Supports All Major Windows Versions.

EaseUs Data Recover Techreview

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