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Get a Blurry videos? Know the Way to fix it

Blurry videos or pixelated videos are strictly not acceptable. They not only spoil the video experience but sometimes the quality is so low that it entails almost loss of video. In this blog, we provide the reasons for blurry videos and how you can fix blurry videos.

Video blur may occur at any of the two stages – during recording or in the stored videos on a drive, over time.

Recorded videos are blurry when the camera settings like focus, shutter speed, frame rate, resolution, or depth of field, etc., are not appropriate. While corruption in the stored video file or storage media can also result in blurry videos.

Videos may get corrupt and turn blurry due to any of the below reasons:

  • Malware or virus infection in storage drive/ media.
  • Sudden computer shutdown or other abrupt interruption while watching/ downloading/ transferring/ converting the video files.
  • Corruption (bad sectors) in storage drive/ media.
  • You tried to save the 4K HD or above video in lower than Class 10 SD card.
  • Powered-off camera while recording.
  • The camera battery was running low while you continued to shoot video.
  • Incorrect video compression.
  • Your computer doesn’t have enough RAM or updated graphics card to play high-quality UHD movies.
  • Other

How to fix blurry videos

The solution to blurry videos lies in the cause of the problem. It’s important to know, blurry videos due to incorrect camera recording settings cannot be fixed completely. They can be sharpened using various tools, to an acceptable quality. While video blur that is because of corruption can be removed by using a video repair software.

Methods to fix blurry videos

  1. Video Editing Software
  2. Blurry Video Cleaners
  3. Video Repair software
  • Video Editing Software

Use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, etc., to sharpen videos and minimize blur. Remember, these tools cannot completely remove blur but can make your videos clearer than before.

However, users not familiar with the platform may find using the editing tools difficult.

  • Blurry Video Cleaners

Free tools like Blurry Video Clearer can fix blurry videos, making them appear better. The tool can reduce distortion in video images caused during recording but doesn’t remove blurriness completely.

  • Video Repair software

Blur in videos caused due to corruption in a file is fixed with the help of a video repair software. Choose an advanced repair solution that supports the file format of your corrupt video. Tools like Stellar Repair for Video can fix blurry videos along with flickering, truncated, audio lag, and other issues caused due to file corruption. You repair high-quality videos of various formats saved in any storage drive.

Usually, video repair tools are easy to use and can fix multiple corrupt video files at one go.

Tips to Fix Blurry Videos

  • Record videos at a higher resolution. This gives you the liberty to scale videos according to your viewing device (computer, iPad, or mobile phone) without causing blur.
  • Select a video file format that is commonly used in devices like MP4.
  • Save videos in Class 10 SD card
  • Use at least 8GB RAM & install a graphics card on your computer to play high-quality videos or do advance video editing.
  • Install anti-virus on your computer

 Wrapping Up

Videos that have turned blurry due to incorrect camera settings during a shoot, can be sharpened by using video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Free video blur removal tools are also available online. Remember, these tools can only reduce blur but can’t completely remove it.

If the video is blurry due to file or storage drive corruption, it is apt to use video repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video. Video repair tools fix corruption in video header, movement, slider, etc. that may be causing video blur. Unlike video editing software, video repair tools don’t require technical know-how and are extremely easy to use. In case, you want to convert your videos with the help of free video converter tools you have multiple options like HandBrake, Freemake Video Converter, Format Factory, MediaCoder, etc.

Note: If your video file permanently deleted from Windows PC, then you can try Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition to restore deleted video files.

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  1. Happy to see the useful information! I tried this Video repair software for corrupt videos on my Macbook due to some reason of upgrade catalina version. This video repair all video file with easy steps. Thanks!