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Google Will No Longer Give Updates To Pixel 1 Phone

No Longer Update From Google For Pixel 1 Devices

Google has condescended to dispatch your way over the year if you have an original Google Pixel phone and has been utilizing all the software and security upgradings. There is an unpleasant piece of news for the owners of the original Pixel phone that recently Google has formally put an end to its support for Pixel 1, which reveals that users will not be able to enjoy new updates anymore.

Moreover, that surely does not mean that the users have to put an end to use Pixel phone, to be obvious.

Google is not using anything here that will obsolete your original Pixel phone or else obstruct the functionality of your device. (separately from the typical wear-and-tear that happens with running an old smartphone).

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Nevertheless, if you want to wait on updating, you will not able to get any notable impending versions of Android, recent features related to Pixel, or security reinforcement from Google. From Google, you can predict obtaining the last software upgrade from google is Android 10.

Moreover, the users who have not been maintaining track, Google’s formal support for the Pixel 1 time remained around three years.

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The phones from other Smartphone manufacturers mostly disabled to get updates from Google much sooner so that is surely not disgusting for Pixel phone.

Nevertheless, particularly assigned Google’s role in the Android environment, it is not perfect as well. Whether anything, you’d believe the organization would have an uncomplicated period providing support to its smartphones over more extended times because of its position as the OS developer.

Another major smartphone manufacturer company Apple, ( providing its own operating system to its all prime products) usually carries on to launch security, features, and software updates to its smartphones for approximately five years.

Anyway, there is nothing much which can be done about it for now, We surely expecting that you can continue the use of your phone as late as possible if you have an original Pixel 1 phone.

Although, for only security causes, it must be worth in view of an update in due course over the upcoming months.

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