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How To Download Facebook Video On PC and Android

There are some videos on Facebook which you would like to download or makes you wonder how on earth you can download the video on your android device or PC computer, video you just watched on the Facebook. Without an easy way to do that in the Facebook official app, most users would like to think that it might not be possible to download and keep a local copy of a video which you have just seen. But don’t worry, we got you covered. The good news is, there’s actually a easy way to do it.

The steps in downloading a video from Facebook is not straight since there is no option for downloading available in the app itself. Facebook does not really intend to let its users download a copy of videos although they can save a link for it so they can view them again anytime within the app or browser. While such arrangement may be fine for most, some people may want to download the video on their Android phone itself and probably want to share on other platform such as WhatsApp or telegram. If this is what you intend to do, then you’re reading the article that can help you to download all kinds of Facebook videos in your Laptop, Desktop PC or your Android device.

There are two essential steps that you must do in order to keep a local copy of a Facebook video on your Android phone.  The first one is copying the video link or the video URL, and the second is actual steps on how to download the video. This article uses the free service of in order to download your Facebook videos. Be sure to like their page if you find their site helpful.

How To Download Facebook video On Your PC or Android Device

STEP # 1

How To Copy The Video Link From Facebook Android App & PC Browser

Copying Video Link From Facebook Android App

Getting the video link should be the first task for you.

Open Facebook app
Find the video you want to download
Click on that video
After that Tap on More settings at the upper right corner (three-dot icon)
Select Copy Link
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Copying Facebook Video Link From PC Browser

Open Chrome browser (or whatever browser you use)
Open Facebook and look for video which you like to download.
Play that video.
After that right click on the video and click on Show Video URL
Copy that URL/Link
How to download facebook video on android and pc techreview
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Step # 2

How To Download

Downloading Video Instructions

Once you’ve copied the link of the video to the clipboard, you can then begin to download that video from your copied link. Follow the steps below on how to do it:

Open your web browser (Chrome, Edge etc)
Visit Website:
Enter Facebook Video link in the empty box beside the blue button that says Download
Now click on download (The process will take 1-2 mins)
When process done and screen will appear showing your video
Scroll down a little and you will see a text saying Download Video in Normal Quality
Click on that text and your video will save locally in your PC or whatever device on which you are downloading
You can also choose from different available qualities by clicking on More Options
Your video has been successfully downloaded
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So that’s how you download a Facebook video without using any software or app. Kindly let us know in the comments if you are having trouble in downloading Facebook Videos.

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