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Microsoft New Chromium Based Edge Browser

Microsoft Going To Launch its Chromium Based Edge Browser On January 15 2020

Next year on January 15, 2020, Microsoft will launch its Chromium-based Browser with a new logo. The Chromium-based Edge Browser will be accessible for macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The company has disclosed the “release candidate” of the Edge Chromium. And the software is presently available to download.

Moreover, hardly a few months after the launch of the new beta version of the Edge by Microsoft gave a statement. At that time, the company committed to delivering the full substantial version next year.

Microsoft new browser comes together with many features such as the sync support, favourites, passwords, setting across Android, MacOS, iOS, and Windows.

Microsoft Edge Techreview

Additionally, Chromium Edge Browser is coming with a brand new logo and icon, and this new logo and icon get hold of a move from being alike to the Internet Explorer’s logo.

Microsoft has been making use of the classic blue ‘e’ logo for its browsers for more than 15 years, while the new logo appears more like a wave discarding the old one.

The Edge browser comes together with new privacy features reported by Microsoft in today’s release. This comprises Microsoft’s new default tracking protection.

However, the new features will be enabled by default in the Edge Browser. And this new marquee feature is similar to the new InPrivate browsing mode. This feature will hold the searches and identifications secure.

Microsoft has also announced a few more business focused features in the Edge Chromium. By using this new feature customers can search for their employees, the definition of firm acronyms, office location or address, and other details by typing in the address bar. Microsoft‘s goal is to target businesses and corporate users with its Chromium-based Edge Browser.

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  1. Edge (Chromium based) interested me since MS forced everyone to install Windows 10. But watching Nflix in Edge killed my computer 3X so far. Forced reboot start required. Also 10 has black screen of death my old laptop 5 times. When installing Edge MS warns that it’s in development and there may be problems.