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Samsung New Clamshell-Style Foldable Phone

Samsung New Clamshell Style Foldable Smartphone

Samsung displayed an concept phone that could be a follow-up to the Galaxy Fold, in its teaser video on YouTube. This phone promotes an old-school flip phone with a improve clamshell-style foldable design alternatively, to the device that converted into a four-sided tablet.

Many years ago, foldable phones went out-dated, however, they have a high-tech revival of varieties as of late. A month ago, Samsung released Galaxy Fold, but there is a piece of news that Samsung has another secret phone in the works. On Tuesday at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Jose, California, Samsung teased a clamshell-style phone which can be fold.

YouTube video


Moreover, Motorola is also in the process of making a similar-looking clamshell foldable phone, and the device is expected to be released in Los Angeles on November 16 at an event.

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There are no further details available about the this phone concept from the company. Nevertheless, Samsung disclose that it is

“searching a range of new form factors in the foldable sort for developers to experiment with.”

they would disclose a clamshell-style foldable phone that folds into a square exceedingly as the Motorola Razr, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung Foldable Techreview

The declaration so far is, another foldable phone seems to be a planned move from samsug. The major smartphone manufacturer has been expressed about its attentiveness in manufacturing foldable phones. And this will be the future of smartphones, it also added.

Additionally, with the mobile market presenting signs of a slow down in ripen markets, Samsung dreams it can compress more revenue by selling this  smartphones at high prices.

The Galaxy Fold enjoyed an amazing success for the company even with starting difficulties. Currently Galaxy Fold priced approx at $2327.

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